The Truth About Anxiety

By Kimberly Zapata When most people hear the word anxiety, they think of the condition in its most extreme form. They imagine Hollywood-like portrayals of an attack, things like trembling, shaking, and breathing into a paper bag. But anxiety is more than restlessness, hypervigilance, and erratic breathing. Anxiety takes control of your body. It causes … Continue reading The Truth About Anxiety

Anxiety Makes It Hard For Me To Have Mom Friends

By Kimberly Zapata “Can we go the park, Mommy? I want to go to the park.” I look at the clock. It is 7:37 — 7:37 in the freakin’ morning — but the skies are clear, the weather is warm, the sun is up, and my coffee has been made. In fact, it is already cooling. … Continue reading Anxiety Makes It Hard For Me To Have Mom Friends

9 Ways To Stop An Anxiety Attack

By Kimberly Zapata If you struggle with anxiety you know just how tough it can be to manage your symptoms. One minute you are fine — you are talking, laughing, and just being yourself — and the next you are terrified. You are horrified. You are paralyzed. Your mind is racing. Your breath is heavy, and your both your … Continue reading 9 Ways To Stop An Anxiety Attack