50 Depression Memes to Make You Laugh & Feel Less Alone

If you’ve ever struggled with depression, you know one thing to be true: There is nothing funny about it. It’s overbearing and overwhelming. It dictates your day, ruins most nights, and can be totally paralyzing.

While you should always seek help from a professional if you’re suffering from depression, there are ways to feel less alone in your illness—and looking at relatable, funny memes is one of them. While these depression memes will not cure you, they will make you smile. From seasonal depression memes, to crippling depression memes and anxiety and depression memes, these are 50 what depression looks like memes.

Funny Depression Memes

… well, that and therapy.

Just keep running. Just keep running. Just keep running, running, running.

Ah, yes. I forgot depression has a “look.”

Some mysteries will never be solved.

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Ah, the Child: cute, insightful, and wise beyond this years.

These are confusing times.


Crippling Depression Memes

Too relatable.

Because sometimes, depression makes you feel nothing at all.

Everything. Is. Fine.

… not again.

Truer words have never been spoken.

You don’t have that? Guess I’ll settle for a cheeseburger and some fries.

Anxiety and Depression Memes

I’m fine.

No rest for the weary.

Because 3 a.m. is the perfect time to overanalyze all the things.

Look familiar?

Why is “all of the above” not an option?!

Me, every single day.

Roger that, Darth Kermit.

Seasonal Depression Memes


At least we have chocolate chips!

Here we go again.


Get ready to level up.

This possum’s face is eve-ry-thing.

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Depression Memes Everyone Can Relate To


Chips and TV? Sign me up.

Is that the sun?!

No, no. Things are well. I’m good.

Thank goodness for blackout drapes and absorbent sheets and pillows.

It takes discipline to be this graceful about my movements.

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I mean, it’s good to be thorough, right?

Hey guys! What did I miss?

Next up: bath bombs, candles, and Chardonnay.

Sealing gaping wounds with self-adhesive bandages since 1999.

Who’s with me?


Any other questions?

Excellent song.

Depression “Advice”

Aw, thanks for the advice!


Wow, never thought of that, thanks!

Seriously. Stop telling people to “think” their way out of depression.


… not again.

What Depression Really Looks Like

Depression doesn’t have a “look.” Sometimes those suffering the most wear the biggest smile.

Even superheroes get overwhelmed. Even superheroes need a day off.

How long before the sun solves my problems? Asking for a friend.

Because sometimes depression is delicious.

All day, every day.

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