Established in 2017, Greater Than: Illness is an organization which aims to empower children and young adults affected by mental illness. Our goal is to encourage and inspire youths to be their best selves and we do so by focusing on the individual, not the diagnosis. That said, it is easy to feel lost, alone, and “less than” in the face of adversity — when facing a challenge, an illness, a disability, or a disease — however, we here at Greater Than: Illness believe everyone has the power to rise above. To be more. And we use  writing,  speaking, storytelling, and physical activity to foster courage, confidence, and growth.

Greater Than: Illness works with area schools to provide after-school writing programs. We work with health and wellness allies to fight for prevention services. Greater Than: Illness has developed a virtual run club — to promote both physical and mental wellbeing — and, most importantly, we share real-life stories which inspire confidence, faith, optimism, and hope because we are more than a condition.

We are more than our diagnosis.

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